Branson Stinnette on Brotherhood

I would like to take time right now to congratulate and recognize my fellow DeMolay members. May the world around us be taken in with the utmost perception of respect. God is proud and God loves the cause we’ve entered. Happiness is within reach as long as love is one in the same

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Well guys,

Its that time of the year again! Sweetheart ball time! This years district One ball will be hosted by Lewis M. Keene chapter, At the Omaha Scottish Rite Center at 202 South 20th Street  Omaha. On Feb. 11th, Starting at 7 PM. The District Two Sweetheart ball is Hosted, as always, by Dr. Fredrick Eiche Chapter, at the Sesostris Shrine Center at 1050 Saltillo Road  Roca, NE  68430 (Just outside of Lincoln)Doors open at 6:30, Admission is $7, and goes to fund the chapters events for the coming year.

Both should be a great time, So Come on out to both, and say Thank you to our current sweethearts for everything they’ve given us over the last year. Its also a good time to bring out those prospects, and let them know how fun a REAL dance is, as they say There is no Dance, Like a DeMolay Dance.

Also, Eiche has informed me they are Conducting a Installation of Officers on the 26th of February for the spring term, And I’d Like to extend an invite to all who wish to attend, It will be at the Masonic Center in Lincoln Starting at 3:00PM. We’re Looking forward to advancing the order a little more. Congrats To all the New officers, and Thank you to the Out-going, for all your hard work to better the Chapter.

Thanks Guys!

Dalton Kock – State Master Councilor




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Conclave And Roundup!

Greetings Brothers, and Family!

So I’ve got good news! The dates for Roundup, and Conclave have been finalized for the year 2012, and we are excited to be able to share them with you!

First things first, Roundup with be April  21st, and 22nd, We’ve got some great things planned for round up this year, and We hope you wont be disappointed. (Not that you are anyways, Are you?)

And on July 20th- 22nd, Nebraska DeMolay as the Great Army of Youth that we are, Will storm the great city of Grand Island, Our point of attack? The Howard Johnson hotel.  We’re working on the fun event for Friday night, but We are confirmed for Island Oasis, so be sure to pack your Swimsuit! If you’ve got a Fantastic Idea for an event, Let us know at, Who knows We might like it so much We’ll actually use it!

Thanks guys, And I will see you ALL at Roundup, and Conclave.

P.S. Eiche Chapter will be doing an Installation of Officers on February 26th, and We are in need of an installing team, Let me know at the email above, if your interested in helping out, or just want more information on attending, The event time has not been decided as of right now, I’ll pass the word along when I know.


Dalton Kock

State Master Councilor

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Being a Leader

A good leader should be forceful, but patient
should be demanding, but negotiable.

He should have the courage to fight anything,
but the knowledge to not fight at all.

He should make his followers get to work when it is needed,
but be relax when the work is done.

A good leader should find a way to make everyone happy,
but make decisions for the majority.

He should have the heart of a mother bear,
but discipline to say no.

A good leader should lead not to satisfy himself, but others.
He should clean up the mess of the past, and not make a mess of his own.

A good leader is one who can look at every option in the eye,
but still have room for new ideas.

A good leader must have a plan from start to finish,
but is prepared for what may happen during the journey.

A good leader is a person who doesn’t care what others think,
as long as he knows it’s for the greater good, and that it is fair, and unswerving.

A good leader, is one who will take charge, and becomes a better leader.

Alliance Past Master Councilor

David J. Strang

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Alliance Chapter 2012 Installation

Hello all,

I hope you’re holidays were fantastic and that you gorged yourselves to being enrolled in “WeightWatchers.” Now on to actual business. The Alliance Chapter Order of DeMolay will be installing Brother Chris Goodell as Master Councilor of the Spring 2012 term on January 15th. This Spring is a special one because there will be three family members on the head line of each organization. Betsy Goodell, Honored Queen of Bethel #3, Chris Goodell, Master Councilor of Alliance Chapter, and Gary Goodell, Grand Master. In this DeMolay term there will be plans for a ski trip, bowling, a lock in, and attendance to Round Up and Conclave by more than just me! (YAY!) We are also planning on getting in contact more with other chapters and finding ways that we all can work together. Happy New Years, see you at Round Up! 😀

Alliance Past Master Councilor,

David J. Strang

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Whats going on?

Hey Guys,

Just checking in here. Hope everyone is having a good Christmas season, and Everyone is Healthy.

This weekend We have an exciting Event, Lewis M. Keene Chapter installing Bro. Dakota Wells as Chapter Master Councilor, In Fremont, at the Masonic Temple On 23rd St. at 4:30. If you are available, Join them, and wish them Congrats, and a Thank you.

This is our last event for the season, and for the Year. Last you’ll probably hear from me this Year, So I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

As always, If you are a Chapter M.C. Email me at Or

I’ll get you set up an account to do exactly this, So you can keep your Chapter in the loop!

Thanks guys.

Daton Kock

State Master Councilor 2011-2012


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Alliance Initation

Greetings from the west side of the state. Tonight, the Alliance Chapter, Order of DeMolay underwent the Initiatory Degree. We initiated 5 members: Walker, Cole, Ezra, Anthony, and Lane. Now this Friday at 8:00 we will be having a lock-in at our Masonic Temple. At the lock-in there will be a few movies, games, and more planned activities. Currently, our chapter is booming and everyone should be expecting to see more than one of us at Round Up/Conclave this year. 😀

Alliance Master Councilor,

David J. Strang

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Version 2 Of the New site

Well hey there!

I’ve been Hard at work all day, and have put the final touches on the new site, and have finished all the pages! Everything should be working now, and if the site feels a bit slow, please be patient, I’m working on streamlining the code, and it should perk back up in a few days.

Shameless plug again: Chapter Master Councilor’s Please email me at OR I’ve given out the first chapter login, and your being left in the dust! Check it out!



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Author Access – Cali LTC

Hey guys! Been a while since my last update. I know I make this excuse alot, but schools been busy haha.

If your a MC and want to use the blog to communicate a little more, let me know, I’ll be working on giving you guys author access this week.

Also, Keep checking in this weekend for info from the LTC based out of Anaheim California! I’ll do my best to upload files and tips as they’re thrown at us, hopefully catching enough to be helpful, and teach you guys something.

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Omaha Installation!

Hey Guys, Just a Quick update here, I’ve been a little busy with school, More pages are coming soon, If you hit a link, and it doesn’t appear, It doesn’t exist yet..

If your interested in creating webpages for me, Please let me know, Its fairly simple and requires access to a Web page editor. All the info for pages is online.

Also, Come on out and join us tomorrow at 1 o’clock at Mizpah lodge In Omaha, We’ll be installing Brother Kyle as MC. Should be a good timee.

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